International Biennial Symposia in Early Medieval Coinage

The initial scope has been expanded from early Anglo-Saxon into the Viking period in order to give greater capture of subject matter and audience. The expansion can continue as long as it doesn’t impinge too much on the subject matter of the British Numismatic Journal. SiEMC can be differentiated from the BNJ by being an attractive, accessible and well-illustrated offering, bridging the gaps between collector and numismatist, detectorist and archaeologist, art and economic historian.

To this end, the symposia and publications are mutually supportive and it is important to promote continuity and momentum in both the more academic (numismatic) sphere and the more populist (collecting) market.

The 8th International Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage

Early Medieval Coinages Revisited

Saturday, 22nd October 2022


The Faculty of English,

Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic,

University of Cambridge.
9 West Road

Telephone: 01223 335079


Chair, morning session, Rory Naismith

9:20 The West Norfolk Hoard - Adrian Marsden

10:00 Rendlesham, Suffolk: a Central Place, Coinage and Coin-Use in the Sixth to Eighth Centuries:

                i)               The Elite Settlement Complex at Rendlesham - Chris Scull

10:45 Break

11:10      ii)         Currency, Coinage and Monetisation in Early Medieval East Anglia: Interpreting the evidence from Rendlesham - Andy Woods

11:55 The Coinage of Eadberht of Northumbria - Ron Bude

12:40 Lunch

Chair, afternoon session, Martin Allen

2:00 Lead isotope analyses of dirhams - silver sources in the Golden Age of Islam - Jane Kershaw

2:45: A Reassessment of the St Edmund Coinage Jo Porter

3:30 Break

3:55: Money and Political Culture in Ninth-Century Viking Realms - Fraser McNair

4:40 Close



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As is customary, on Friday evening we will meet for a pizza -  a great opportunity to socialise with collectors and other specialists in the field. The venue this time is Zizzy's, 16 Bene't St, CB2 3QN. Whether you've already booked or are about to, please let me know if you wish to attend the meal.

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