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(Fused mass), 1-16, 1-25, 1-33, 1-35, 2-20, 2-50, 3-10, 3-15, 3-80, 4-10 (x2), 4-12, 4-15, 4-25, 4-26, 4-30, 4-50, 4-100, 4-110, 6-24, 6-50, 7-35, 8 (ingot),  8-15, 8-100, 10-20, 11-25, 11-40, 11-120, 12-47, 12-55, 12-85, 12-100, 12-110, 13-80, 13-133, 13-158, 16-10, 16-22, 16-25, 16-42, 18-20, 18-30, 19-25, 20-10, 21-30, 21-75, 23-12, 32-25, 33-77, 33-110, 34-20, 34-25, 36-13, 11-180, 37-16, 37-35, 38-10, 38-10, 38-25, 39-10, 39-30, 39-35, 41-10v, 43-25, 44-10, 44-50, 45-10v, 45-50 (2), 45-55, 47-10, 48-1015, 50-10, 51-35, 51-50, 52-15, 52-20, 52-40, 52-40, 59-15, 63-60, 63-70, 64-60, 64-110, 66-40, 67-55? 67-58, 67-60, 70-130, 70-150, 70-186, 70-330, 71-12, 71-13, 72-40, 73-12, 73-18, 73-65, 73-80, 74-14, 75-15, 75-100, 78-20, 80-05, 80-55, 80-115, 80-140, 82-33, 82-35, 82-60, 82-70, 83-40, 84-10, 84-30, 86.5-40, 86.5-45, 86.5-77, 86.5-130, 87-50, 87-60, 88-115, 92-15, 93-40, 94-30. 95-10, 97-20, 98-20, 102-11, 102-15, 102-70 (2), 103-23, 104-25, 104-60, 104-70, 105-120, 106-10, 106-60, 107-10, 107-45, 107-50, 108-60, 110-15.

Two views of a fused mass of sceats reported by Karl Shippey. There is a suggestion that this was a small hoard near the surface and fused together in the days when stubble was burned seasonally. There are at least twelve scaets with one partially showing a runic bust, possibly of Series CZ.

Found Oxfordshire, 2017, PAS BUC-EB0342 [see a small group at NARC-7E5766.]

Image courtesy of Karl Shippey, June 2023

Improved image of Series A, 3-10 with obverse showing full TIIC legend.

Noonans auction 19th September 2023, lot 30.

Image courtesy of Noonans.

New variety of Series A1, type 2a, 3-15.

Obv: TIIC before radiate bust, right, large features, annulet either side of A behind, beaded exergue.

Rev: votive standard with tufa containing trefoil, below.

EMC 2017.0107. PAS RLM_SF1CCC86. An old Rendlesham record.

Information courtesy of Anna Booth. Image courtesy of Suffolk County Council, May 2023.

Variant of 4-10.

This coin is part of the Sussex collection on the Silbury website, here.

S779, 11x12mm, 1.22g.

Chris Timms comments: 'RS589 is listed as a C but the reverse has vertical “I’s” below the T’s in the standard. The symbols within the standard are “inverted” and the symbols outside are unusual. There are unusual symbols above the crown on the obverse. The runes read T Æ P A.'

Images courtesy of John Philpotts, May 2023.

Variant of 4-10.

This coin is part of the Sussex collection on the Silbury website, here. S779, 11x12mm, 1.09g.

Chris Timms comments: 'RS590 is listed as a C but appears to have the runes EPA. The reverse (although pictured up side down has the symbols etc of an R1.'

Image courtesy of John Philpotts, May 2023.

Sceat of Series D, type 8 on a high purity silver ingot of 49g - approximately equivalent to 50 sceats. Registered on PAN (Dutch PAS) here. Dimensions are 91mm x 10 x 5.

A fascinating find. Was this used in trade or is it raw material for a mint?

Image courtesy of Ype de Jong, March 2023.

There are a number of English finds of weights that may be multiples of sceats, such as PAS LIN-5E6016, acquired by the Fitzwilliam Museum as CM.3-2023.

Quoting, with thanks, from PAS:

A small lead weight. The weight is flat, rectangular, and has five dots punched into the surface, arranged much like the '5' on modern dice.

The weight measures 15 x 11 x 2mm and has a mass of 5.32g.

As a plough-zone find, it is difficult to assign a date. However, this item was found on a so-called Middle Saxon 'productive' site, on which has been found many sceatteas, pins, and other items of Middle Saxon date. In support of a Middle Saxon date is the correlation between the mass and the punched dots. Two broadly comparable weights were found at the Middle Saxon settlement at Little Carlton (Lincolnshire). The first is a circular lead weight resembling a Series E porcupine sceatta (PAS ref. LIN-DAD0DA). On the reverse of this particular item are four indentations similar to those seen on the present item. The weight has a mass of 4.63g, approximately four times that of a standard Series E sceatta (circa 1.2g). The second weight, which is exceptionally similar in form to the present example, has two indentations and a mass of 2.42g, approximately twice that of a standard Series E sceatta. The present example, having five indentations and a mass of approximiately five sceattas would appear to argue for a Middle Saxon date.

Initial information courtesy of Mike O'Bee.

New Variety 11-25.

Obv: Small radiate bust with pyramid neck on curved exergual lines either side of beaded line, runic legend before, runic Eppa before, TA behind.

Rev: Beaded votive standard enclosing votive legend, curved tufa containing trefoil of pellets left, cross pattée right, chevron above and below, diagonals to corners.

An unusual combination of a late C obverse with an early R reverse, possibly a mule.

Image courtesy of Mark Rasmusen, June 2023.

Variant of 11-40.

This coin is part of the Sussex collection on the Silbury website, here.

S813, 12mm, 0.86g.

Chris Timms comments: 'RS622 has unusual runes on the obverse and a non-typical reverse.' The reverse is SL 13-170.

Image courtesy of John Philpotts, May 2023.

New Series R-related variant, provisionally classified as part of 11-180.

Obv: crude runic busts with EPA before, beaded diadem, linear neck, chevron behind.

Obv: tufa enclosing trefoil, each side of degenerate votive standard, cross to each corner. Identified by Chris Timms as a die duplicate of EMC 2019.0271 and confirmed by Ype de Jong to be EMC 1990.0170, found Tadley, Hampshire May 1991, 1.25g.

Purchased at auction June 2023.

Image courtesy of Ype de Jong.

New Variety 12-47.

Obv: Beast left, gaping jaws with tongue, raised triple tail, prominent member. Pellet-filled field.

Rev: Long-beaked wading bird of elegant style, walking left, looking back, feather below tail, pellets in field, partly runic inscription above, RICA? As 12-45 reverse.

EMC 2024.0217. Found near Sarre, early 2000s.

Image courtesy of Charles Wharf June 2024.

Improved image of 13-80.

Obv: Two naked figures with exaggerated features, bird-headed figure on right looking across, moustached figure left, long cross pommée on stand between and at sides.

Rev: Beaded saltire in double beaded standard, trefoils in angles, pellets in margins. Saltire beading varies.

Noonans, 7th  June 2023, lot 23.

Image courtesy of Robin Siddle.

New variety 13-158.

Obv: Croix ancrée with void cross, lobes open in quarters with trefoils, within double linear/beaded border.

Rev: Wolf worm coiled anticlockwise, ear behind. Cross pommée above. As 13-100.

EMC 2024.0218. Found Stockbridge, 2021.

Image courtesy os Charles Wharf, June 2024.

Unusual variant of 16-10.

This coin is part of the Sussex collection on the Silbury website, here.

More than the usual vestigial legend shows.

S776, 12mm, 0.94g.


Image courtesy of John Philpotts, May 2023.

New Variety 16-22.

Obv: Diademed head right, jewel in beaded crescent and annulet before, shoulder breaking beaded serpent circle

Rev: Bird right on cross within serpent circle starting at 6 o'clock, annulets in field.

Own collection B195, lot 54.

New Variety 16-42.

Obv: Diademed head right, jewel in beaded crescent. Serpent circle clockwise, starting at 7 o'clock, vestigial legend in margin.

Rev: Bird on cross pattée, annulets and pellets in field. Beaded serpent circle clockwise, starting at 5 o'clock. Weight 1.09, diameter 12mm.

Image courtesy of Ype de Jong, November 2023.

Unusual variant of  Series J, 18-20.

Noonans 19-9-23, lot 52.

Reverse bird right, with duck-like beak, trefoils before and beneath.

Image courtesy of Noonans.

Unusual variant of Series J, 18-30.

Noonans 19-9-23, lot 53.

Reverse grouse-like bird left, trefoils below, double beaded border.

Image courtesy of Noonans.

Possible new variety of group 23 or blundered form of LVNDONIA.

Obv: '[V - or wreath ties?]INI / dOIC? around diademed, draped bust right, wreath-ties unknotted, small cross pommée before.

Rev: Standard bearer on groundline.

Found Uttlesford District Area, 2019,  PAS CAM-75D51A.

Image courtesy of Daniel Boughtwood.

New Variant of 33-110.

Obv: Draped and diademed bust with Hwiccian neck, right, long cross before.

Rev: Standard bearer, looking to long beaked bird right. Long cross held left.

Found by Peter Stringer, near Stanton St John, Oxfordshire, 1st March 2020 , PAS OXON-DD4C95. Sceats finds on the same field predate the PAS scheme.

Image courtesy of Peter Stringer, May 2023.

New Variety 37-13. Series K/B mule.

Obv: A biped with a long snout, running right. The animal has a beaded outline, with a long, pointed ear above and a tail curling from mid-back. There are long claws beneath. Unusually for a secondary phase, Southumbrian sceat, the head is not looking back as is the convention. 

Rev: Related to Series BII. A bird, left, with a long fantail and wide wing above, possibly a peacock, is standing on cross pattée with a small cross pommée before. There is a pellet-in-annulet, asymmetrically, in each lower quarter, with three annulets in the left field and one to the right.

Source: Royston, Blackburn and Bonser (3), BNJ 1986, p. 64-101.

See BNS Research Note blog: How to Two Birds with One Stone, May 2023.

Image courtesy of BNJ.

New Variety, 37-16, Series K/B mule.

Obv: Biped with long snout, right, beaded outline, pointed ear above, tail curling from mid-back. Long claws below. Beaded border.

Rev: peacock right, standing on cross pattée, small cross pattée before, pellet-in-annulet, asymmetric, in each lower quarter, 3 annulets in field left, one right. Beaded border. Unusually, the head is not looking back.

Found 2022, Royston. Weight unknown. Dies off-centre.

See BNS Research Note blog: How to Kill Two Birds with One Stone, May 2023.

Image courtesy of Gemma Collis, 2023.

Improved image of 38-10.

Obv: Diademed, mantled, bust right, wreath ties unknotted, almond-shaped eye, (jewel on diadem?), cross pommée before.

Rev: Lion head right, chevron mane, ear forward, distinct sharp teeth, long curling snake-tongue.

Image courtesy of "susiebe1", offered as eBay 204401901536, July 2023, apparently from mother's estate.

New Variant 39-30.

Obv: Diademed, draped, bust left, pellet eye, small mouth, hand cupping cross pommée before, knotted wreath ties behind.

Rev: Crude serpent headed, coiled, 'lion', left, with long curling tongue extended between fangs, erect ear, beaded body forming border. Linear serpent encircling.

Found near Coombe Bisset, Salisbury, Wiltshire, April 2023.

Image courtesy of Bruce Hearn.

New variety 44-50 Fledling, modelled style, mule.

Obv: As 44-10. Wolf head right, prominent mane behind, pointed ear above, serpent(?) curling below. Serrated border.

Rev: Crude, degenerate votive standard.

Found near Aylesbury, June 2024. Image coutesy of Piotr Sobisz.

47-10 additional image with central rosette in Celtic cross.

Obv:Clockwise whorl of three serpents.

Rev: Celtic cross, with central rosette.

Image courtesy of Phil Bennett, Feb '24.

Unique new variety 43-25, Series L, type 23e, similar to the unique 43-20.

Obverse: Standard bearer in hatched tabard, looking right. On far left a rosette, on far right, a pellet cross.

Reverse: serpent-whorl.

Reported by Richard Lyon, April 2023 found near Washington, West Sussex by Tony Gill. EMC 2023.0167.

Image courtesy of Richard Lyon.

Additonal specimen of 48-10.

Found by Billy Pike near Andover, April 2023.

Image courtesy of John Crouch.

Improved Image of 50-10, the extremely rare Archer/Swan variety. This superb specimen allows us a first view of a pristine strike.

Obv: Archer, kneeling, right, bow and arrow before, branch with berries behind.

Rev: Large bird, possibly a swan right, wing over back, long tail feathers, turning head to peck suspended berries, foliage behind.

Metal-detector find Foxhill, Wiltshire, June 2023.

Image courtesy of Pawel Glab, June 2023.


New variety 51-35, Hen group.

Obv: Hen right.

Rev: Swan left, looking back.

Found near Dorchester by Martin Savage, 2nd March 2023.

EMC 2023.0138.

Image courtesy of Martin Savage.

Improved iamge of variety 51-50.

Obv: Monster in flight, left, looking back, tail with trefoil end, gaping jaws, long crest behind, clawed feet below.

Rev: Swan(?) right.

Image courtesy of Danny Durant, October 2023.

New Variant of 63-60, Series Q1.

Obv: Diademed/capped(?) bust right, cross pommée held before, no neck.

Rev: Quadruped standing left, looking forward, gaping jaws and raised tail, pellets in field. PAS NMS-F45B06 EMC 2021.0172. found 2021 near Quidenham, Norfolk by Wayne Boyd.

Image courtesy of Wayne Boyd.


Provisonal new variety 67-58.

Obv: Quadruped trotting right, tail raised, foreleg bent, pellets in field.

Rev: Indeterminate design with annulets. Characters to lower right.


Karl Shippey, found Cambridgeshire c.2012.

Image courtesy of Karl Shippey.


Improved image of 70-150.

Obv: EðTBEREhTVГ, retrograde around a cross pattée. Spelling varies, some have a pellet after the legend.

Rev: Animal right, long snout, triquetra below and cross pattée under tail.

Noonans, 7th June 2023, lot 26.

Image courtesy of Robin Siddle.

New Variety 70-186.

Obv: EðTBERHTVS in Roman lettering, around a boss within inner beaded circle.

Rev: Animal right, triquetra below, no pellet under tail.

Reported by Mark Warner, ex CNG and Andy Gillis as ref. 8640. Previously offered on ebay by seller 'aac63'. 1.20g.

Image courtesy of Mark Warner, July 2023.

Improved image,

70-330, Eadberht of Northumbria (AD 737-57).

PAS Record: YORYM-4E54C7

Found Barmby Moor, East Riding, 1st January 2008 by B. Ross. Acquired Robin Siddle 18th May 2023, lot 8841, Duggelby Stephenson of York.

Image courtesy of Robin Siddle.

New variety, Series Y, 71-12, Alchred.

Obv: AL.ㄈH / RED, second syllable retrograde, around a cross.

Rev: Animal right; cross pommée below.

Found Huggate, East Riding.

Courtesy of Robert Hamer, August 2023.

New variety, Series Y, 71-13, Alchred.

Obv: A┐ㄈH / RED, second syllable retrograde, around a cross.

Rev: Animal right; cross pommée below.

Ex Keith Chapman, SEMC 2, 104.

Courtesy of George Walbert, August 2023.

New Variety, Aelfwald, 73-12.

Obv: Bidirectional inscription starting opposite the initial cross with AELF. VALD on right. Central cross.

Rev: Animal left.

Found by Liz Tutty on an archaeological dig on Holy Island. Lindisfarne, September 2023.

Image courtesy of Robert Hamer, September 2023.

New Variety 75-100, Ecgberht under Alchred (765-6), Northumbria.

Obv: '+A-LCH clockwise, RED retrograde, around cross pattée.

Rev: EGBERhTAR, around cross pattée.

Image courtesy of George Walbert May 2023.

Improved image of 78-20. Found Brompton by Sawdon, North Yorkshire, on 27October 2019 by Robin Siddle.

Image courtesy of Robin Siddle, January 2023.

New Variety 80-115. As 80-110 but  with tricorn privy mark in reverse legend between L and B. Found Stamford Bridge, East Yorkshire, 2014. 1.13g.

Image courtesy of Eddie Bethwaite March 2023

New Variety 82-33, Aethelred I, moneyer Tidwulf.

Obv: +EDILRED around central cross pattée.

Rev: +TIDVVLFD (first V chevron-barred) around central cross pattée  in beaded circle.

Image coutesy of Mark Warner, Jan 2024.

New Variety of Hnifula sceat for Aethelred, 84-30.

Obv: +EDILRED around central saltire.

Rev: +HNIFULA around central rosette.

Image courtesy of Artie Gran, March 2023.

New Variant of Northumbrian tertiary sceat 86.5-40, Eanred by Eadwine (Stycas Simplified ref 2-11).

Obverse legend ends in RAX.

Rev: EADAINI around central rosette.

Reported by Mark Warner acquired Davisson's auction ex Pat Zabel collection. 1.24g. cf BMC vol. 1, 104, p. 149.

Image courtesy of Mark Warner, July 2023.

Additonal image of 95-10, Series E, disguised cross group.

Obv: four bars beneath quilled crescent right, vestigial symbols to right.

Rev: beaded square containing central annulet, pellets and pelleted bars, all within an outer voided cross with a pellet-in-annulet on each limb.

Image courtesy of Ype de Jong, July 2023

New Variant, 102-70, degenerated 'Aston Rowant' style of Series Z.

Metcalf lists 6 from 4 different dies - 3 in the Aston Rowant hoard (T&S pl. 8, 143 & 145), one from Methwold Hythe Norfolk (T&S, pl. 8, 144)  one from Royston (illustrated in Bonser & Blackburn 'Single Finds, part III, 1986, p. 77, no 47) and one from Coventry (line drawing T&S p. 139). In addition, two quite similar to the Coventry specimen were in the author's auction at lot 74, Chedworth and lot 959, ex K. Chapman & cgb.

Image courtesy of Dave Rodgers, found near Scunthorpe, March 2023.

New Variant 102-70 Aston Rowant type.

John Philpotts found March 2023, Ettington, Warwickshire 2022, 1.02 grams, 12.5mm, EMC 2023.0131.

Image courtesy of John Philpotts.

New Variant 102-70, Aston Rowant type.

Kevin Easton September 2023, found East Hertfordshire.

Image courtesy of Kevin Easton.

New Variety of Series X, 103-23.

Obv: Two crescents either side of rounded beard with pellet above.

Rev: Bipedal Series N style monster in flight left, looking back, raised trefoil tail, claws below, prominent member, one pellet below head, crest left.

Metal detector find by Grey Bonichops near Coombe Bisset, Wiltshire. Reported June 2023 but found some years earlier. Bruce Hearn also reports a Series X sceat from this location.

Temporary image courtesy of Graham Boniface.

New Variety 104-70.

Obv: facing head has long moustache, annulet either side and an arch of pellets above ending in a trefoil.

Rev: animal left, looking back.

Found near Martin, Hampshire early at a site that has now produced 5 sceats including Wodan, Series H and N among 5 sceats.

Image courtesy of Phill Bennett, April 2023.

Genuine specimen of variety 105-120.

Obv: Crude, facing, radiate, 'Wodan' head with flowing hair. 

Rev: Degenerate, beaded, standard enclosing lines and pellets.

Image courtesy of Matthew Hollyfield, April 2024.

Additonal image of 106-60.

Obv: Neck protector transmuted into rectangular body with disproportionately large head, feet below, annulets before, cross behind.

Rev: Cross on steps, annulets on limbs and step, blundered legend.

Found Cambridgeshire, by June 2023.

Image courtesy of Karl Shippey.

New Variety 108-60, Series W.

Obv: Facing, standing, figure looking right, holding long cross pommée either side, 'buttons' on tunic. Vertical row of pellets left. Starry background.

Rev: Cross-crosslet pommée on saltire cross, central pellet. Wire line within stiched border.

Image courtesy of Bruce Hearn, September 2023.

New Variety 110-15, Triquetra cross group.

Obv: "Bird & branch" design in 'London' style.

Rev: Void cross, central pellet, triquetra limbs, vestigial rosette in angles.


Reported by Keith Chapman, ex Toovey Auctions by May 2023.

Image courtesy of Keith Chapman.

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