Studies in Early Medieval Coinage

Volume 3: Sifting the Evidence
Series Editor: Tony Abramson

Currently in preparation and due out in 2013, this volume will include papers presented at the symposia of 2010 and 2012 and a substantial bibliography of early medieval coinage.

The Early Medieval Numismatic Bibliography is a major compilation of the numismatic literature covering the post-Roman, pre-Conquest period. Building on the extensive bibliography included in Grierson & Blackburn’s Medieval European Coinage, now in excess of 20 years old, this bibliography lists approaching three times as many items. The original compilation is by Tony Abramson, extensively reviewed and updated by Gareth Williams. Particular thanks are also due to many contributors to this bibliography including: Martin Allen, Mark Blackburn, Anna Gannon, David Greenhalgh, Robert Thompson and Wybrand Op den Velde. Without their input this compilation would be of far less value. When published, please advise any errata and addenda so that this resource can be maintained. It is intended to make this made available in electronic format.




Part 1: Articles

Papers given at the International Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage,
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Saturday, March 31st, 2012
Preface & Acknowledgements - Tony Abramson                     vii

Simon Keynes - Mark Blackburn.                                   1
John Hines - The hunting of the sceatt.                          7
Ron Bude - The Class E sceattas of Eadberht: the work of “Retrograde Man”                                                            18
Florence Codine - Precious metalwork: coins and objects in Merovingian and Carolingian times                               29

Part 2: Additional material

Michael Metcalf - Merovingian and Frisian gold in England. Was there a money economy in the sixth and seventh centuries              47
Rory Naismith – Money of the Saints. Church and coinage in early Anglo-Saxon England                                             68
Wybrand Op den Velde and Michael Metcalf - The Hexagram (‘Herstal’) Type Sceattas                                                  122
Jens-Christian Moesgaard & Megan Gooch - Anglo-Viking coins in France                                                         141
John Naylor & Martin Allen - A new variety of gold shilling of the ‘York’ group                                                   153
Andy Woods - A case of modern imitation of the 'Hiberno-Scandinavian' cross                                            159
James Booth - PRINCIP IHS? A possible religious reverse legend on a St Edmund penny (c.910-15)                                     162

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