A Modest Request

If you have benefitted from my gratis identification and valuation services over the years,


or Sceatta List has helped you identify and evaluate your treasured sceats,


or Styca Supplement your stycas,


or Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits has prevented you making a costly blunder on eBay,


or if my extensive listings of sceats and stycas, available from BAR with my thesis, have helped you navigate Pirie’s Coins of the Kingdom of Northumbria,


or if my listings of the De Wit collection or Patrick Finn’s catalogues have helped your research,


or if you’ve enjoyed attending the cost-free biennial symposia over the years,


or enjoyed reading YN 3 and 4 or SiEMC I-III


then maybe you’d consider supporting my current venture into children’s literature.


I’m not asking for a freebie.


You – or, to be more precise, your children or grandchildren - will get good value, especially from Peter Hudspith’s fabulous illustrations.


All the proceeds of the first book and profits of the second go to Blood Cancer UK


Check it all out on my Mazik website


It’s win-win all round!

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