Here's a brief signpost for regular readers as to what I've added to the site in the last month or so:


The programme for THE EIGHTH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM IN EARLY MEDIEVAL COINAGE has now been published. See Symposia. Please register as soon as possible.


I am currently compiling a prequel to Sceatta List - a catalogue of early gold coins entitled Gold Coins of Anglo-Saxon England.


Maybe you can help me!? See REQUEST II - it's a little new venture that needs your support and encouragement!


I have recently separated the Introduction to Sceatta List from the page of New Varities. It's always worth browsing through for additions to the varities of sceats and stycas.


I've added a route to obtaining from me a few useful numismatic-specific fonts which might be useful for adding a professional gloss to any articles or publications, such as posting to the BNS Research Note Blog.


A temporary page REQUEST I asks successful bidders at Spink's recent auctions of my early Anglo-Saxon collection to advise me which lots they won.


I've added further, very gratifying, feedback on Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits.


I've added PDFs of interviews and articles in Spink's Insider, Coin News and Coin Collector magazine.


I have added a Resources page including:

1. The Patrick Finn Sceatta Index and Analysis – A Collector’s Perspective

Extracted from: Studies in Early Medieval Coinage, volume 1

This includes my spreadsheet analysing all of Patrick's offers of sceats by conventional sceatta series.

2. Catalogue of the early Anglo-Saxon cabinet of Professor Wim de Wit

acquired by the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge in 2007.

Extracted from Studies in Early Medieval Coinage, Volume 2

This includes my spreadsheet re-arranging the catalogue into the conventional sceatta series.

3. BNJ Coin Register Sceat Index 1987 to 2009 arranged by conventional series by Tony Abramson.

Extracted from Studies in Early Medieval Coinage, Volume 2

This includes my spreadsheet re-arranging the register into the conventional sceatta series.


Above Aethelred/Ceolbald image courtesy of Alex Bliss. See 80-50 in New Varieties.


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