Free Identification Service

Early Anglo-Saxon gold shillings, pale gold shillings, silver sceats, base stycas Merovingian tremisses and deniers may be submitted for identification without charge. Simply email good quality images, preferably against a white background, to Tony Abramson or use the Contact Form.


In exchange for this free service, image use permission is deemed to have been granted.

There are no express or implied warranties or guaranties as to the accuracy of any identification, the authenticity of any coin or its value, nor is there any commitment to purchase at the valuation given or any other price. Use of images and find information will be treated in confidence.



The reverse shown above is variety Cii from the York group of gold shillings. The inscription has been attributed by Abramson to Paulinus, first bishop of York, 627-33. Abramson believes that this type, and the Kentish shillings ascribed to King Eadbald, some of which may be associated with bishop Mellitus (d. 624), to have initiated English coinage. They are the only English gold issues ascribed to historically documented figures. See British Numismatic Journal 2019, p. 1-18.

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